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Our Three Missions

Our mission has a three-fold focus:  children’s health, school performance, and character building. 

#1:  Children's Health 

Our primary mission is to empower children to take control of their own health at the earliest age possible.  Through a combination of cooking and fitness classes, children learn hands-on about the nutritional content of food and how diet directly impacts their health.   Michelle Obama, the American Heart Association, and the Center for Disease Control have all issued warnings that if children do not change their dietary habits and become more physically active, the country will be faced with a health and economic “crisis” within the next 25 years.  The CDC has reported that within the next 40 years, 1 out of every 3 people will have Type 2 diabetes (a largely preventable medical condition caused predominately by poor diet and lack of exercise).  Heart disease continues to be the number one cause of premature death in this country and there is mounting evidence that heart disease begins in childhood, striking both overweight, as well as malnourished seemingly "fit" children) [see Footnote] . Because of these trends, the American Heart Association now predicates that for the first time in U.S. history, this generation of children will have a shorter lifespan than their parents.  The Kids Heart Felt Health program provides a creative solution, capturing elementary through high-school aged children, and empowers them to reverse these disturbing trends.

FootnoteSee Enos WF, Holmes RH, Beyer J. Coronary disease among United States soldiers killed in action in Korea: preliminary report. JAMA. 1953; 552: 1090–1093; McNamara JJ, Molot MA, Stremple JF, Cutting RT. Coronary artery disease in combat casualties in Vietnam. JAMA. 1971; 216: 1185–1887

#2 School Performance

Our mission is also to teach children about the critical connection between diet, fitness, and school performance.  Children learn how to identify certain foods that have been scientifically shown to improve memory, learning, mood, and behavior; and conversely, children learn why sugary-laden, high carbohydrate, high glycemic foods impair school performance.  Our program will continue to explore how dietary changes may help alleviate learning disabilities, such as Attention Deficit Disorder and auditory processing disorders.   We are also committed to raising awareness of how exercise can promote brain cell growth and improve learning, as identified by Dr. John J. Ratey in his book Spark:  The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.  We empower children with the best nutritional and scientific bases for achieving their academic potential through both proper nutrition and fitness. 

#3 Character Building

In addition to our health and educational goals, the Kids Heart Felt Health program is designed to inspire children to live in a more heart-felt way.  The word “HEART” represents character values that our program instills in children:  humility, empathy, appreciation, respect, and tenacity.  Underlying these core values is the teaching that small deeds can have extraordinary consequences when they come from the heart.  As part of our program, we not only share inspirational stories of people who represent these core values, but we also provide opportunities for our participants to give the gift of a healthy meal to others in the community.  In this way our program raises public awareness of community needs and instills a commitment to giving at the same time.

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